Fourth game I have made. Co-created with Thomas Tran at the Spring 2017 Game Jam held by the UC Davis Game Development and Arts Club. Also available in the App Store and Play Store. Art and Music by Eliza Tsang.


  • Catcher Mode:
    • Catch as many fruit within 30 seconds as you can
    • Durians are worth 50 points
    • Full Watermelons are worth 500 points
    • Everything else is worth 100 points
  • Defender Mode:
    • Shoot as many dynamite within 30 seconds as you can

Also available on


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I'd like to invite you to take part in our Game Development World Championship! I found this pair of games quite enjoyable to play. A bit more laid back than the usual games of this type, since you won't lose anything if you miss. Both of them seem very well made and they have the consistent retro style going on with the visuals.

Thank you for the feedback and invite! Would I be able to enter the contest with this game, or would I need to make a completely new game?

It has been released this year, so you can enter this one.